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Cell Phone Monitoring

MobiStealth may be the next generation of smartphone spy applications. Now you can safeguard and find your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android Mobile phones through the use of MobiStealth mobile spy software. If you need to safeguard your cell phone from getting lost /stolen permanently, need to track your cell phone and also don't wish to disclose your privacy to thief or unidentified person then MobiStealth is ideal for you.

Loaded with Features for

Android, BlackBerry and iPhone

  • Spy Call/Live Hear Phone Environment
  • Voice Call Recording
  • On Demand Surround Recording
  • Call History
  • Call Duration
  • Location History
  • On Demand Location Information
  • Alternate Location Retrieval Method
  • Email Logging
  • Web History
  • Web History
  • Bookmarks
  • Picture Logging
  • Video Logging
  • Contact Details
  • Text Message / SMS Logging
  • Blackberry Chat Messenger Logging
  • SIM Change Notification (Only Applicable to GSM Phones)
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Phone Wipe

Parental Monitoring

If you are a concerned parent and wish to keep an eye on activities of your children on cell phones to be able to guard them from Sexting and other risks then MobiStealth Parental Control Software is great for you.


If you are a spouse who suspects your lover could be being unfaithful, need to find out if he/she is telling the truth or has a need to uncover details of the affair then MobiStealth Spy Software for Cell Phones is an ideal solution for you.

Workforce Employee Monitoring

If you are an employer and want to enforce company policies on company owned mobile devices or want to monitor actual locations of your personnel then MobiStealth is ideal for you.

MobiStealth is equipped with a wide array of functions for overseeing smartphone activity. It also meets a range of demands. Whether or not you're seeking to spy on your two timing spouse/girl friend/boy friend, or perhaps you are a responsible parent trying to watch the cellphone usage of your kids, MobiStealth provides all the best mobile spy software options to suit your needs.

Voice Call Recording

Android Spy program allows you to record all calls made from/to particular numbers. The recorded calls can be uploaded secretly to your Stealth Club account, which can later be heard whenever you want.

Call History Log

Discover the details of incoming and outgoing calls. You will discover when and who (depending on the name stored in the cellphones address book) is being called. You can even carry out reverse lookups on the phone numbers.

Call Duration

Together with call history you may as well see the exact call duration of every single call. This functionality will be really beneficial to uncover the numbers that happen to be frequently being called and have the longest call period.

Spy Call/Live Listening to Surroundings

Smartphone Spy app will enable you to make a Spy Call. It's simple to listen to surroundings of the target phone.

On Demand Surround Recording

Smartphone Spy application will enable you to remotely record all conversations in proximity of the smart phone. You simply need to send a secret Sms and recording will automatically start. The complete recording will be uploaded secretly to your Stealth Club account.

Location History

Smartphone location details are updated automatically at a predetermined interval. The cell phone location history may then be seen by logging on to your Stealth Club account.

On Demand Location Information

The On Demand The cell phone location function is offered only by MobiStealth BlackBerry and Android spying software. You will get current location of the target phone by sending the secret SMS at any time. The current smartphone location will be reported immediately through SMS reply.

Alternate Location Retrieval Method

This specific GPS Tracking feature lets you acquire location of nearest cell tower of your Android, Blackberry or iPhone, when GPS is off or hard to get at due to cloud cover or person being inside a room.


Email Logging

Observe all the information of incoming and outgoing email messages. You can now observe all mail communication.

Web History

Check out the net browsing history.


View all the saved bookmarks to any web-sites.

Picture Logging

MobiStealth spy app for Android, iPhone and Blacberry will upload every one of the pictures on phone to your stealth club account.

Video Logging

Any videos created with the cellular telephone camera will be submitted to your stealth club account by Android spy app. Videos over 15MB will not be uploaded.

Contact Details

Observe information of all the contacts saved on the cell phone using MobiStealth cell spy software. This will enable you to uncover the details associated with masked contacts.

Text Message / SMS Logging

SMS spy feature of MobiStealth cell phone monitoring software will enable you to see all inbound and outbound SMS text messages sent and received from the smartphone. This contains full SMS contents. You'll be able to read everything even though it is removed from the phone.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Find name and address of the phone number owner in the SMS and call details history (whenever possible) by just clicking on the phone number. Generally this sort of look up costs for each search but it is an integrated feature free of charge for our customers.

Blackberry Chat Messenger Logging

Blackberry Chat Messenger Logging enables the user to watch all the chat history of Blackberry Messenger.

SIM Change Notification (Only Applicable to GSM Phones)

The SIM Change Notification feature supplied by Android Spy phone program. When SIM is changed, a notification with new number will be delivered through SMS to a predefined number. The notification number can be fixed numerous times through the MobiStealth website.

Encrypted Communication

All communication between your cell phone and the MobiStealth webpage is secured utilizing industry standard encryption methods.

Phone Wipe

If you have vulnerable data on your phone that and phone is stolen or misplaced and you wish to secure your privacy you just need spying software as it will enable you to wipe all data on phone through secret SMS.

Monitor and Track Smartphones and Personal Computers

Parental Control, Employee Monitoring, Catch a Cheater

Cell Phone Tracking, Review SMS Texts & Email, Call Activity Logs, MMS Multi-media Messages, Web History, Listen to Conversations and More

Too Many Options and Too Much Information?
We Suggest:

Smartphone Monitoring and Tracking

Mobile Spy for Stealth Smartphone Monitoring and Tracking (Mobile Spy has a stable feature-set for a wide range of phone brands - most widely used)

PhoneSheriff for Parental Monitoring and Control of Mobile phones (made by the same people that make Mobile Spy, loads of capabilities for lots of phones)

For Cellphone Monitoring and Tracking including Eavesdropping - Phone Tap or Hearing Surroundings the most effective solutions are MobiStealth (relative newcomer, plenty of capabilities) or FlexiSpy (the pioneer for Spyphones)

Computer Monitoring - Internet Safety and Keyloggers

For Parental Monitoring and Control of Computers: SniperSpy (loads remotely through email) and/or WebWatcher (numerous capabilities, popular) and/or AceSpy (competes right with WebWatcher, packed with features along with editions for both Apple Mac or Windows), and/or Net Nanny (perfect for youngsters, both Mac and Windows)

Spy Software


Recommended by the FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation endorses that parents make use of monitoring tools.

Encouraged by the Computer Emergency Readiness Team

The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) advises employers use monitoring software packages.

Just what is Spy Software? Particularly, Cell Phone Spy Software?

Surely it merely all relates to a matter of interpretation.

We tend not to consider 'spying' as always a bad thing. This site, and the technology described related to MobiStealth just isn't about hacking. It is really about the application of systems in order to remedy several persistent and serious issues. These types of applications are not 'viruses' nor 'trojans' - you are required to have actual physical control of the device to agree to installation of the mobile monitoring application.

Monitoring Software


MobiStealth Spyphone software programs for mobile devices doesn't necessarily indicate a unfavorable interpretation for 'spyware'. The same can be said regarding the term Keylogger, which used to imply illegitimate use of monitoring software programs for improper reasons.

Some spy phone software applications are quite refined and offered by reasonably reputable businesses; however sadly the great majority of offers come from dishonest marketers or other types of shady characters making false promises.

MobiStealth. Monitoring software programs would be what you should reference as being a standard expression for the various kinds of programs widely available for you to document personal computer or smartphone activity.

Stereotypically the difference typically comes down to word use; hacking on one side, monitoring on the other.

There are quite a number of methods taken by developers in developing spyware, used on cell phones otherwise known as spyphone software.

MobiStealth Keylogger or Keystroke Logger

Precisely what is a monitoring computer software? Exactly what is key logger? What is spy software?

Monitoring tools usually is the term for technology which is meant to keep track of the action that is certainly occurring with a laptop or computer, and now includes mobile phones. There are many types, types and features of monitoring software programs.

Keylogger Computer software

Keylogger ,application or in simpler terminology, laptop or computer keeping track of software programs are a type of pc software that allows you to take note and responsible for all of everything happening on a number computer. A simple keylogger can be simply documenting almost all of the key strokes which are typed in to a personal computer.

Cell Phone Tracker

Mobile Tracking is a definitely beneficial monitoring tool.

MobiStealth - Tech Glossary

Some words used while talking about Computer Spy and Spy Phone programs features and functions could be new to some people.

Some Spyphone software applications generally intercept cell phone activity for example Cell Phone GPS, SMS text messages, Call Logs and occasionally email; and dependent on the smartphone operating system the websites frequented. This information is either sent to an internet account for review, or forwarded by SMS to another cell phone or email account. Several come with alert notifications dependent on keywords and phrases or phone numbers. Some even allow tapping telephone conversations.

  • Address book - The Address Book, or Contact List is the data base in a smartphone that stores most often dialed phone numbers together with the name (often the nickname), telephone number, and other relevant details of contacts.
  • Android - Android is the brand for the operating system (OS) developed by Google used by numerous mobile phone device manufacturers. It has grown to be extremely popular with consumers, and also quite popular with 3rd party coders and great for spy phones
  • BlackBerry - The BlackBerry name is applicable to both devices and software operating systems.
  • Call Intercept - listen in on phone conversations, or phone tap, phone tapping, cell phone tapping
  • Call Log - activities recorded on the phone such as incoming and outgoing SMS, calls, emails, location
  • Carrier/Provider Networks - In the United States, right now there are two major cell phone network technologies - CDMA and GSM. Verizon Wireless and Sprint use a technology called CDMA. Likewise, ATT and T-Mobile use GSM. GSM was originally an acronym for Grouped Special Mobile, but was changed to Global System for Mobile Communication. CDMA refers to Code Division Multiple Access. GSM is applied much more around the world than CDMA.
  • CELL ID - the cellular phone signal tower unique ID. It might be utilized to approximate phone position
  • Compatible Phone - Each and every model of spy phone software, along with, smart phone brand/model, works with different features and attributes - check out partner sites for details for your smart phone.
  • Event - activities such as a cellphone call that is made or received, an SMS/text message that is sent or received, and email that is sent or received, a location report giving cell ID and/or GPS coordinates.
  • Event logging - Is the transmission of activities of the target phone to either the monitoring phone or an online database. This can include SMS/text messages, voice calls, emails, or locations.
  • Event selection - The capacity to determine which events are taken.
  • GPS - GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System and uses satellites to determine location
  • GSM - GSM is an acronym for Global System for Mobile Communications
  • Monitor Phone - any telephone number selected by the user for monitoring SpyCall and Call Intercept
  • Smartphone - A smartphone is mobile phone with computer-like capacities or others would possibly refer to as a small computer with the features and functions of a cell phone.
  • SMS Text Message - Intercepting SMS Text: Often referred to as SMS spy. Sent and received SMS text messages are typically grabbed. Several spyphone software programs will capture SMS even in the event that they have been erased. SMS stands for Short Message Service, it uses standardized communications protocols that allow incoming and outgoing short text messages between mobiles.
  • Spy Call or SpyCall - remote control of the phone microphone to listen to the phone surroundings
  • Target Phone - the cellphone to be monitored.
  • Undetectable or Invisible - installation is hidden on the Target phone

MobiStealth Why Monitor?

Internet Security

Parental Control

Workforce Monitoring

Discover the Truth

A lot of people might include spy in their terminology when they refer to reasonable monitoring of smartphones.

There are many different legitimate justifications to Track Cell Phone and communications content.

Not only is Parental Monitoring acceptable, and Employee Monitoring permissible, they are vital. If not legally, then morally and ethically; because parents and employers are in a position to diminish tragedy and liability that come from smartphone misuse or the need for protection. With authority comes responsibility.

Thankfully there will be something to keep in mind is usually that spyphone software packages require authorization. A number of spyphone software programs might be delivered to the device remotely, yet are not able to be installed or activated.

Communications Back Up : Companies, Parents and just about anyone rely on cell phone spy phone software applications to get a handle on lost data, when in case their phones are lost or stolen.

Catch a Cheater

To Catch a Cheating Lover: In all likelihood the most prevalent reason why someone decides to buy smartphone spy phone software applications, is to catch a cheating spouse.

There are certainly few things more stress filled than the doubts in connection with suspecting a spouse or partner is cheating. With so much at stake, and given the epidemic of unfaithfulness there is no wonder that investigating relationships is surely the most broadly quoted factor for applying monitoring.

Parental Monitoring and Parental Control

Parental responsibly implies figuring out where children happen to be and what they are doing with their phones and personal computers.

Parental Monitoring Young Adults Mobile phone Usage: Parents and guardians use cell phone spy phone software programs to do something about distracted drivers, sexting, predators, excessive use.


Helpful Information for Concerned Parents and Guardians

National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Sex Tech Survey -

Allstate Insurance - Teen Safe Driving and

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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